Live Music Recent Memories

This was so much fun! I sure miss these guys and jamming!
It was a great project and so wonderful to bring out original music; Serge Rivard, Gilbert Boissonneault, Mike Charette, You guys are all sooo talented and skilled; you have left me with lasting memories… and Tracks!
I know i’m slow but I always end up at the finish line no matter how long it takes me 🙂
– The store will be out soon,
– originals will be able to be purchased on-line,
– Virtual On-line streams will come back in 2022,
– a few in-house Live Band events with Dinner in 2022
– and I would love to put on a Free concert in the park next year! wouldn’t that be fun!!!
These are all the things I am working on!
Some of these events will also support charitable organizations in our community, as everyone should be able to enjoy Freedom Through Music.
Until then; I’ve got my head down in the books, hard at work to make these goals come true. What are you doing with your “Present?”
Have a great day – Be Kind and
Sing loud, sing proud!

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