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Leslie-Anne Dupuis is here to help you grow as an artist, personally and professionally. She has also managed a nightclub for over a decade and knows how to put on one hell of a show. Have a look below to see how we can be of service. If you don’t see what you need, let us know and we will work with you to make it happen.

Artistic Sessions

Artistic class is In Session. Our award-winning professional recording artist, Leslie-Anne Dupuis is here to offer her services and dedicated experience in the music industry. Let us help you with your next musical performance, regardless of what it entails.

Consulting Session

A one-on-one consultation with Leslie-Anne Dupuis. Learn the tips and tricks that will help you crush any upcoming project, performance, special event, and professional goals.
$ 65
00 Per Session
  • Private consultation
  • Discuss anything music related
  • Recorded so it can be watched again

Straight Studio Time

Do your thing with your own stuff and your own people.
$ 65
00 Per Hour
  • Recording studio space

Live Performances

Hire our award-winning professional recording artist, to sing, perform and entertain at your occasion, coordinate a karaoke event and even be your DJ and emcee. Leslie-Anne is great at public speaking and making her audience feel right at home.

Livestream Show

Leslie-Anne Dupuis will perform a set of online concerts. Keep an eye on the website's event page for upcoming shows
  • A variety of genres and songs

Wedding Ceremony

Leslie-Anne Dupuis will sing your wedding song choice at your ceremony.
$ 150
  • A variety of genres and songs
  • Includes equipment, set up, and tear down

Live Band

Leslie-Anne Dupuis and her band mates will perform live at your event.
Contact us
  • 2 to 7-piece band, depending on your needs
  • A variety of genres and songs
  • Includes equipment, set up, and tear down
  • Recorded so it can be watched again


Memories are attached to music, and music can bring back memories of the smallest details. Music can heal the heart, and can be felt to the core of your soul. Singing the right song at the right time to the right person can bring them alive, even for a moment. This package is great for people with disabilities/Special Needs, and Special Care who could use a little sunshine in their life and perhaps an opportunity to become whole again and feel like a person if only for a few short minutes.
$ 90
00 Starting at
  • Alzheimer's Disease Therapy
  • Dementia Therapy
  • Private functions
  • Senior's Comfort and Compassionate Care

Seniors Entertainment

Leslie-Anne Dupuis will perform and entertain at retirement homes, senior centres, senior events, and elder clubs.
$ 90
00 Per Show
  • 60 - minute performance
  • A variety of genres and songs
  • Includes equipment, set up, and tear down

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for the artist in you.