Checking in!

Good day Y’all!

It’s great to be back to work, even if it’s on a smaller scale; it’s really nice to see peoples faces, hear them singing along – IN PERSON… and the greatest sounds to ever fill my ears… APPLAUSE, LAUGHTER – gratitude in the hands lol

I also had a chance to work the elections, (I do this, as another form of reaching out to my community), I get to work with new people and I meet familiar faces throughout the day.  This time, I had the pleasure of working with the brother of a past colleague that has since passed, and my neighbour! and the cool thing is, that our backgrounds are different and our paths would not normally  cross, so life is always new and exciting! and it was a pleasure to work along side other professionals, as most of the time, I work alone.

I have been a very busy bee in the background, moving an awful lot of stuff around and my parents have now moved in with us, and we look forward to greeting them at the end of camping season – which is fast approaching!

As I get ready for the fall, with great excitement, I know I have a few challenges ahead of me but, I can’t wait to start getting into the action.

Sometime in November, I will be launching the In Session online store, where you will be able to purchase some clothing, and gifts for the special people and fur babies in your life. and the great thing about living in Timmins, I will be able to deliver to your door and say hi and thank you for your support personally, (respecting Covid Restrictions and rules),  Canada Post can do the rest for all our other  special guests!

I will also reach out with music at some point, when things settle down in November, and I can’t wait to share some of the great things that will be happening in 2022.

I am looking at organizing a few indoor, in person LIVE MUSIC  “dinner and a show” events, a free concert in the park, some online themed streams and the biggest thing will be reaching out to the community to put a singing band together – stay tuned for ads looking for musicians to do some recording and paid performances.

The future looks bright when you have Freedom Through Music.

The studio is a wonderful place to work and be creative, if you want to create a personalized Christmas gift for that special someone, get in touch with us and let’s see how we can help.

If you are looking for versatile music themed Christmas Party entertainment for your staff events, get in touch! tell us what you like and we can make it happen, I AM NOT JUST A COUNTRY GIRL! p.s. Have you ever seen a singing bartender?

Hire the singing bartender and watch your shooters come to life while still entertaining – it’s actually pretty cool and a lot of fun.

Until we meet again, stay safe, be happy, stay healthy, and  always…

Sing Loud, Sing Proud

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