Forget the pandemic. Let’s celebrate music.

This pandemic has left me wondering “Where do I go from here”? Everyone has different issues and different circumstances going on and I am no different. Confused and trying to move forward sometimes, I just have to let go of everything that is not in my control and just SING!

I know so much music that sometimes I feel I know nothing at all! BUT… sometimes, all I need is three questions…

  1. Is it a fast or slow song?
  2. Is it a guy or a girl who sings it?
  3. Is there a theme?

Do we need a theme? Not really but here’s one…

I’d like to personally invite you to help me celebrate my grandparent’s anniversary. What better way to have a good time than singing some great music to celebrate their love and the wonderful legacy of music they left behind. So, with this thought and the help from all of those who posted their Wedding song, or when they first met, first kiss or first dance on Facebook, I compiled a bunch of songs – some I had to learn…

Join us on Viewstub

There are also some new policies on Facebook that won’t allow some songs to play and will disrupt our event so, we have created a new way to do our events and I look forward to seeing you all on the In Session Timmins website to get your tickets to this FREE song fest and register for this event.

Thank you all for your on-going support and I look forward to sharing an evening with you over songs, music and don’t forget the beverages and snacks.


Created by a musician,
for the artist in you.