Riding by the seat of my pants tour

I’m seeing more and more of my friend musicians selling their gear and it breaks my heart to see the music industry so fragile.

I’m moving everything online and buying equipment to do so. I have wonderful musicians that are showing me their true passion for music and we are keeping LIVE music alive. We may not have the usual gigs but isn’t music about being creative? And not just the music part that we don’t get to play often but the life that surrounds it?

My creativity is being stretched to new heights, to the point that I may be grasping at straws… but I’m sure if I keep reaching, I will grab a rock and I will be able to hold on. I’m feeling grateful for my mind, my power to not give up, my friends and family who support me in these troubled waters that I swim. I’m thankful to be able to sing and I’m truly thankful for the ideas that we are trying, and the fans that stick by me to watch me crash and burn or rise above.

Livestream Sessions

I will be performing every two weeks from here to the new year. Enjoy freedom through music by clicking this link.

I’m calling this portion the “Riding by the seat of my pants tour”. And in this case, “tour” means “music selection”, because no one’s going anywhere!

Join me this Sunday on In Session TV! Be part of the show, meet people and chat. Let’s share an evening of entertainment and a celebration of music.

Sneak Peek

Want to see what our livestream is like? Head on over to our YouTube page and get a taste of what you’re in for.

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